• Datapanik In The Year Zero
  • CD1: 1975 - 1977 –
  • Hearpen Singles
  • The Modern Dance
  • CD2: 1978 - 1979 –
  • Dub Housing
  • New Picnic Time
  • CD3: 1980 - 1982 –
  • The Art Of Walking
  • Song Of The Bailing Man
  • CD4: Terminal Drive

Datapanik In The Year Zero

Pere Ubu
Datapanik In The Year Zero

5 CD Box Set - Released August 27 1996.
Out of print.
4 CD Box Set - Released October 5 2009.
Out of print.

Release Notes

The DIYZ box set was released in 1996 by Cooking Vinyl and Geffen in a 5-cd long box format. The constituent recordings were digitally transferred at 44.1khz/20-bit and eqed at Suma in 1994. Those masters became the basis a series of individual album releases on Cooking Vinyl in the late 90s.

The 2009 version of the box set contains the complete versions of the first five studio albums plus the Hearpen singles. Each cd comes in a full color, glossy cardboard sleeve replicating the artwork from the 1996 box. The 28-page booklet has been improved (better quality paper) and updated but is essentially the same.

For the 2009 re-issue the original 2-track, quarter-inch analog mix tapes were baked in the Suma oven to dry them out, re-transferred to digital at 192khz/24-bit resolution and then re-mastered in the same room and referencing to the same monitors on which they were originally mixed. The Modern Dance went through the same process except the transfer was accomplished at 96khz/24-bit. The masters are as follows:
The Modern Dance 2005 Master
Dub Housing 2008 Master
New Picnic Time 2008 Master
The Art Of Walking 2008 Master
Song Of The Bailing Man 2008 Master
Hearpen Singles 2008 Master

The contents of Terminal Drive are:
  • Foreign Bodies, The Incredible Truth
  • 15-60-75, It's In Imagination
  • Syd's Dance Band, Never Again
  • Carney & Thomas, Sunset In The Antipodes
  • Home & Garden, (please) FIX MY HORN (my brakes don't work)
  • Neptune's Car, Baking Bread
  • David Thomas, Atom Mind
  • Tripod Jimmie, Autumn Leaves
  • Friction, Dear Richard
  • Pressler-Morgan, You're Gonna Watch Me
  • Rocket From The Tombs, Amphetamine
  • Mirrors, She Smiled Wild
  • Electric Eels, Jaguar Ride
  • Tom Herman, Steve Canyon Blues
  • Allen Ravenstine, Home Life
  • Rocket From The Tombs, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
  • Pere Ubu, Heart of Darkness
  • Pere Ubu, Pushin Too Hard

The booklet and packaging were redesigned and reconfigured by John Thompson.

Production Notes

CD1: 1975 - 1977
Tracks 1 to 7 are the Hearpen recordings, released as singles from 1975 to 1977. "Street Waves," also a Hearpen single, was released on The Modern Dance unchanged, i.e. the same mix. Tracks 8 to 17 comprise The Modern Dance (1978) produced by Ken Hamann and Pere Ubu. Track 18 is an out-take of the Dub Housing session that appeared as a UK b-side in 1979.

CD2: 1978 - 1979
Tracks 1 to 10 comprise Dub Housing (1978) produced by Ken Hamann and Pere Ubu. Tracks 11 to 20 comprise New Picnic Time (1979) produced by Ken Hamann and Pere Ubu.

CD3: 1980 - 1982
Tracks 1 to 11 comprise The Art Of Walking (1980), produced by Pere Ubu and Paul Hamann. Tracks 12 to 22 comprise Song Of The Bailing Man (1982), produced by Adam Kidron.

Release History

  • Cooking Vinyl Records COOKCD098 (UK) Aug 27 1996, 5-cd box. 1994 Masters.
  • Geffen Records, 1996, 5-cd box. 1994 Masters.
  • Cooking Vinyl Records COOKCD098 Oct 5 2009, 4-cd box reissue. 2005/2008 Masters.

Press Reaction

The Independent (1996)
This particular box contains some of the most harrowing, incendiary music ever made... Without this music, not only would punk probably never have happened, but the most interesting post-punk developments - from the likes of Talking Heads and Joy Division - might never have reached the starting-line either. Essential.