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Other Net resources
  • On December 11 2007 went online. It is a web site dedicated to sales of Ubu and Ubu-related downloads, offering live recordings from across the decades, as well as studio recordings that for one reason or another were not deemed "worthy" of a commercial release or that have become unavailable through commercial channels.
  • Ubu Dance Party A French language website devoted to Pere Ubu. Home of the most extensive and accurate discography currently available, plus all sorts of stuff that doesn't require the knowledge of French to enjoy. Run by one of our two French super-fans. More accurate and complete than in lots of ways.
  • Pere Ubu Radio Exactly what it says, a selection of Ubu songs to be heard, along with informal photos and various quality links. Not an official site but run by a trusted fan.
  • Pere Ubu World A MySpace page devoted to Pere Ubu. Note that this is a fan page and not connected to the band. Content is not official.
  • The Avant Garage Home of the Story of Pere Ubu, the tech support page and other items. Not up to date but good reference quality. It is the original Ubu web site later superseded by and its predecessor,
  • Home And Garden A website devoted to the Scott Krauss group featuring other Ubus past & present.

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Main Pages at the Home of Ubu Projex:
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