Ubu Projex

What is the history of Ubu Projex?
Ubu Projex was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois in 1978. Cliff Burnstein was the manager. It was dissolved in 1983. The purpose of the company was to manage the business affairs of the band Pere Ubu.
Ubu Projex came into being again in 1987, this time located in London. The official date of tax registration as a partnership is March 21 1988. As before the purpose of the company is to manage the business affairs of the band Pere Ubu and to be the sole custodian of, administer and exploit band copyrights. As well, Ubu Projex handles, where appropriate, the business affairs of David Thomas and other related projects. A person's partnership status was, in 1987, determined by membership in the band Pere Ubu. The 1987 partners were David Thomas, Jim Jones, Tony Maimone, Scott Krauss, Chris Cutler and Allen Ravenstine. As band members left they ceased to be partners. After Eric Drew Feldman joined, and later left Pere Ubu, new band members were not invited to join the partnership.
From January 1988 to July 2002 the business affairs of Ubu Projex were managed by Nick Hobbs. In 1998 David Thomas formed a partnership called Pennsylvania consisting of the band members of Pere Ubu as of that year. The purpose of this partnership was to wrest control of Ubu Projex away from Nick Hobbs. At the same time Thomas formed the Ubutique partnership with Jim Jones for, again, the purpose of wresting control away from Nick Hobbs. That byzantine struggle extended to 2002 when Ubu Projex and Nick Hobbs ended their business relationship amicably. The Pennsylvania partnership was subsequently dissolved in 2004.
A new US partnership was formed called "Pere Ubu" consisting of David Thomas, Robert Wheeler, Michele Temple and Steve Mehlman. This partnership licenses the brandname "Pere Ubu" from Ubu Projex. Robert Wheeler is the General Partner.
Ubutique continues as the merchandizing sister company to Ubu Projex. It is currently a US partnership consisting of David Thomas and Steve Mehlman and is technically independent of Ubu Projex.
NB. The struggle between Hobbs and David Thomas for control of Ubu Projex was concerned with matters involving the day-to-day running of the company complicated by a clash of strong-willed personalities and fueled by a fundamental conflict between an American vs European perception of business practices. It cannot be understood by outsiders. The best analogy is that of a marriage gone wrong between two people who nevertheless continue to love and respect each other.