Pere Ubu New Picnic Time

Pere Ubu
New Picnic Time

(September 1979)
Produced by Pere Ubu and Ken Hamann.

Fire Records FIRECD363 cd.
  Mar 18 2016 (UK), Apr 29 2016 (ROW). 2015 Master.

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Digital transfer and remastering explained • Included in the Architecture Of Language box set

New Picnic Time Release Notes

"I was intent on stretching the boundaries of the song," David Thomas recalls. "I pushed maybe too hard and not wisely. I was determined. 'All The Dogs Are Barking' was the breaking point for some. It was a pop song in the nature of what we had done before, a rock song with catchy hooks. I told Ken (Hamann, the engineer) to erase everything but the overdubs."

Chrysals was disappointed in the album and did not release it in America. The band did one tour of America, without a release, and at the end of it, Tom Herman left.

New Picnic Time Production Notes

Engineered by Ken and Paul Hamann.
Recorded and mixed May 21-30 and June 4-28 1979 at Suma. Original lp mastered at Sterling Sound, New York City, under the supervision of Ken Hamann & Scott Krauss.
Artwork designed by John Thompson.
Photos by Mik Mellen.

New Picnic Time 2016 Master

The analog 1/4" 2-track mix tape from 1979 was digitally transferred by Paul Hamann at Suma at a 192khz / 24 bit resolution. Those files were mastered by Brian Pyle and with them Pete Norman cut the lacquers for vinyl at Finyl Tweek, London, on a Neumann VMS80 lathe. David Thomas prepared the download audio files from the 192khz / 24 bit masters. CD audio was produced by processing an analog signal run through the Sumex Brown Box converter, designed and built by Ken Hamann.

New Picnic Time 1994 Master

Digitally transferred and mastered by David Thomas and Paul Hamann at Suma in 1994. Songs written by Herman - Krauss - Maimone - Thomas - Ravenstine.
©1979 Fire Songs under license from Ubu Projex for North America, and Virgin Music-BMG VM Music Ltd. for Rest Of World. The words to 'Voice of The Sand' are taken from a poem by Vachel Lindsay.

Pere Ubu (v.3.2):

David Thomas - vocals, wood flute
Tom Herman - guitar, bass, pan gong, backing vocals
Allen Ravenstine - EML 101 and 200 analog synthesizers, piano, dice
Tony Maimone - bass, guitar, piano, organ, backing vocals
Scott Krauss - drums, percussion

New Picnic Time Release History

style="text-align:center"> New Picnic Time Songs

Fabulous Sequel
49 Guitars And One Girl
A Small Dark Cloud
Small Was Fast
All The Dogs Are Barking
One Less Worry
Make Hay
Voice Of The Sand
Kingdom Come

Press Reaction

Dave McCullough, Sounds, 9/15/79
It's a drunken, wanton, wilful sounding album with a spine as elastic and as totally absorbing as Beefheart...exhilarating, funny, somehow very vital music.

John Orme, Melody Maker, 9/8/79
They don't ask to be loved, but they do invite it. Whichever, they are open to instant embrace or rejection. Their music doesn't float on calm waters: it submerges, spurts, takes rapids, often half-drowns on its back...Having fallen in a big way for the last Ubu album, I approached "New Picnic Time" with much suspicion... Ubu have developed a wider maturity in scope, feeling and atmosphere, and I can only praise them for it. Don't forget to laugh.

Scott Laurence, Herald-American, 7/5/99
Weird. Weird and wonderful. Weird, wonderful and so far beyond the expected that these deconstructions of popular music are as charmingly retro as the Beatles and as modern as today's blendings of funk, hip-hop and alt-rock. Revolutionary and demented yet full of fun, Pere Ubu are indispensible to any collection of 20th century rock.
Pere Ubu Blank Records Pere Ubu, CBGBs, 1978.