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  • Song Of The Bailing Man
  • The Long Walk Home
  • Use Of A Dog
  • Petrified
  • Stormy Weather
  • West Side Story
  • Thoughts That Go By Steam
  • Big Ed's Used Farms
  • The Vulgar Boatman Bird
  • A Day Such As This
  • My Hat
  • Horns Are A Dilemma



Pere Ubu
Song Of The Bailing Man

Released in April 1982.
Produced by Adam Kidron

Fire Records FIRECD365 Mar 18 2016 (UK),
Apr 29 2016 (ROW), cd.
2015 Master.
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Release Notes

Following tours in support of The Art Of Walking, Scott Krauss quit the band, this being the second of the three times he would quit. Previously, he had quit just before the release of The Modern Dance. At that time he was replaced by Clevelander Anton Fier. Two weeks later when Scott wanted back in, Anton graciously stood aside. Anton, again, agreed to join the band as Scott's replacement.

After The Art Of Walking, the band's best selling record to date, there was a desire to do a more focused project. Geoff Travis, head of Rough Trade Records, suggested a producer, Adam Kidron. Adam came to Suma. The presence of Anton Fier on drums and his sense of structure shaped the output. Unfortunately, fractures appeared between the free-wheeling Mayo and the perfectionist Anton. A tour of America late in 1982 exacerbated the fractures. The situation became intolerable. The band returned from the tour and no one wanted to talk to anyone else or make any plans. This state of things went on for a number of months. Eventually, the members of the band began to say, 'Yeah, we're broken up.'

Production Notes

Engineered by Paul Hamann.
Recorded and mixed in August and December 1981, and January 1982 at Suma. Trumpet overdubs recorded in London.
Mastered by Nimbus as a 45rpm vinyl lp March 1982.
Artwork designed by David Thomas.
Photos by Mik Mellen.
Reissue artwork designed by John Thompson, idrome.

2008 Master

Digitally transferred at 192khz / 24 bit resolution and mastered by Paul Hamann at Suma in 2008. Cds from this Master are identified with the words "2008 Master" on the tray card.

1994 Master

Digitally transferred at 44.1 khz / 20 bit resolution and mastered by David Thomas and Paul Hamann at Suma in 1994.

Songs written by Fier - Maimone - Ravenstine - Thomas - Thompson.
©1982 Fire Songs under license from Ubu Projex for North America and Fire Songs under license from Ubu Projex / Complete Music for Rest Of World.

Pere Ubu (v.4.1)

David Thomas
Mayo Thompson
Allen Ravenstine
EML 101 & 200 analog synthesizers
Tony Maimone
Anton Fier
drums, piano, marimba, percussion

Guest Player
Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton

Release History

Press Reaction

David Fricke, Melody Maker(?)
'Song of the Bailing Man' is an inspired, invigorating, confounding, disturbing... yeah, one hell of a swinging way to go. Still the futility Ubu must have felt making far sighted music in a chronically near-sighted world is pressed hard into these grooves.

Time Out
A brilliant band breaking every rule of aesthetics... and sounding all the more exciting for it.

Alternative Press, 4/00, pp.95-6
Continues the downbeat trend, with even its more rocking tracks...suffused with melancholy confusion....This disc is an essential purchase, but they're definitely not dancefloor or party fodder.

The Wire, 4/00, p.63
Swathed in layers of reverb-as-sugarcoating and [drummer, Anton] Fier's backbeats ensure that every song here moves several bpm faster than anything else in [their] catalog....easily Ubu's most accessible material.