pere-ubu-les-haricots ART
  • Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés
  • The Tenement Year
  • Cloudland
  • Worlds In Collision
  • Songs From The Lost Album



Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés ART

Pere Ubu
Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés 1987-1991

Released April 6 2018.

Fire Records FIRELP459, Apr 6 2018, 4 lp box set

Release Notes

The phrase 'Les haricots sont pas salés' recurs often in cajun and zydeco music. The translation is "The haricot beans aren't salted." a slurring of the first two words gave the name to the style of cajun music, zydeco.

'Songs From The Lost Album' is a collection of B sides, demos for a "roots' project that never happened, and songs from "Cloudland' that wouldn't fit on a vinyl release because of the time limitation of vinyl:
Down By The River
Around The Fire
Like A Rolling Stone
Invisible Man
Fedora Satellite
Bang The Drum
Postman Drove A Caddy
Wine Dark Sparks
The Wire
The B Side

The album Story Of My Life could not be included because of licensing issues.

The box is dedicated to Nick Hobbs and Dave Bates. Included in the box is an A3 sized Winter In The Firelands poster designed by Johnny Dromette

Production Notes

The songs on these albums were remastered in 2017 by Paul Hamann at Suma studio.
Box packaging designed by John Thompson.

Pere Ubu is

Chris Cutler
Eric Drew Feldman
Jim Jones
Scott Krauss
Tony Maimone
Allen Ravenstine
David Thomas

Press Reaction

"Reminders of the consistent greatness of David Thomas and his evolving team of players, and testaments from an age when post-punk found itself morphing into alt-rock, the 3 studio albums on Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales 1987-1991 are all superb." A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

"Having the Fontana releases reengineered and packaged together form a more accessible entry point for most than even the bands earliest works. Ubu enthusiasts either embrace or ignore this phase, though Tenement was universally applauded, but it's a part of their history that deserves the best preservation possible. And that's exactly what Hamann did as one of his last acts. It also serves as a study for Ravenstine's influence within the band with him ultimately replaced down the road by the equally capable Robert Wheeler who is still with them to this day. There's something here for everyone and The Tenement Year along with the last half of Worlds in particular put quite a few spices in the pot." Soundblab