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  • Story Of My Life
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Story Of My Life

Pere Ubu
Story Of My Life

Released January 25 1993.
Produced by Al Clay.

Mercury Records 9846820, Director's Cut, Apr 16 2007 cd.

Release Notes

The working title was Ages In Chaos. Al Clay had been Gil Norton's engineer for the Worlds In Collision sessions. He was asked to produce. Before the sessions began, Eric Drew Feldman chose to tour as a newly added member of The Pixies band. Following the Penny / Pound Principle, Ubu Projex partners Thomas, Jones, Maimone, and Krauss dropped him from the band. Synth duties were shared out. After the studio sessions, When it came time to tour the album, Maimone chose instead to tour in the They Might Be Giants band. Partners Thomas, Jones and Krauss dropped him from the band.

Production Notes

Produced by Al Clay.
Engineered by Lou Giordano.
Recorded at The Outpost Recording Studio, Stoughton MA, April 20 to May 29 1992, except Fedora Satellite which was recorded January 28-31 1989 at Suma, engineered by Paul Hamann.

Mixed at Blue Jay Recording Studio, Carlisle MA, May 31 to June 14 1992, except Come Home (Hague Mix) which was mixed by Stephan Hague at RAK Studios, London, August 2 1992 and Fedora Satellite which was mixed by Pere Ubu at Suma.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC, except for Come Home (Hague Mix), Fedora Satellite, Gripless, Through The Windshield, and Stoughton 529 which were mastered by Paul Hamann and David Thomas at Suma in January 2007.

Design by John Thompson / idrome.
Video images by Tom Kafka and John Thompson.
Illustrations by Peter Blegvad.
Liner notes by David Stubbs.

Director's Cut 2007:

Five extras have been added: an alternate mix of Come Home by Stephen Hague (never previously released), the UK b-side Fedora Satellite, and three b-sides recorded for Story Of My Life but never released - Gripless, Through The Windshield and Stoughton 529. The packaging has been updated by John Thompson and added are extensive liner notes specific to the album by David Stubbs.

Come Home (Hague mix). Never previously released.

Fedora Satellite. Originally released in 1989 in the UK as b-side to Love Love Love on 7" vinyl, Fontana UBU3 (874 468-7), and as an extra track on the cd single release of Love Love Love, Fontana UBUCD3 (874 469-2).

Gripless, Through The Windshield and Stoughton 529. Never previously released. Recorded specifically as b-sides during the SOML sessions at The Outpost.

All songs written by Thomas - Jones - Maimone - Krauss ©1992 Ubu Projexc, except Fedora Satellite which is written by Cutler - Feldman - Jones - Krauss - Maimone - Thomas ©1989 Ubu Projex. Excerpts from "Through The Windshield" used by permission of its author Mike DeCapite.

Pere Ubu (v.6.0)

David Thomas - vocals, melodeon, guitar on Postcard
Jim Jones - guitar, Hammond B3, backing vox, keyboard
Tony Maimone - bass, EML synthesizer
Scott Krauss - drums, percussion, keyboard, shortwave

Guest Player
Al Clay - Vox Calliope, digital keyboard, sang backing vocals, and played guitar on Postcard

Release History

  • Fontana Records 514159 ROW Jan 25 1993 cd mc.
  • Imago Records IM72787-21024 US Apr 6 1993 cd mc.
  • Mercury 9846820 Director's Cut ROW Apr 16 2007 cd.

Press Reaction

Greil Marcus, Interview, June 1993
The most stirring new music I've heard this year... I'm nowhere near the end of this record; I want to keep it around, bang it up against Muddy Waters, Charlie Rich, Music From Big Pink, Pere Ubu's own 1978 Dub Housing, come back in six months, write about it some more.

David Sprague, Rolling Stone, August 1993
Story Of My Life lets their thousand quirks bloom... In an age when pop-culture vultures can't swallow art rock without a side of kitsch, it's good to taste the original recipe - warped, no chaser.

Graeme Kay, Q, March 1993
Another prime slice of Ubu, sadly destined to bypass the vast majority of record buyers.

New Yorker, June 1993
A terrific collection by an energetic but still untamed rock band.

Dave Thompson, Alternative Press, June 1993
You're a third of the way through before you suddenly realize, this album's so good I forgot who it was... Regardless of the brand name, it's an album to go wild about.