Pere Ubu's Coed Jail! Tour

Coed! Jail Tour
Pere Ubu announce Vancouver and USA West Coast dates as the final leg of the 'Coed Jail! Tour 2016,' performing songs from the two recent box set releases, Architecture Of Language, 1979-1982 and Elitism For The People, 1975-1978 (Fire Records). This will complete the Coed Jail! Tour that has already crossed Europe and the East Coast during 2016.

Coed Jail! Links mouseover-button Web GIFs & Banners All You Have To Do Is Stand There - Video interview with David Thomas Navvy live, a video from the European leg of the tour

Tracks taken from 'The Modern Dance,' 'Dub Housing,' 'The Art of Walking,' 'Song Of The Bailing Man,' and from what has been described as "the scariest album ever recorded," 'New Picnic Time,' will be performed in a fast moving set lasting 1½ hours.

Pere Ubu are David Thomas, Steven Mehlman (Drums), Michele Temple (Bass), Robert Wheeler (Synthesizer and Theremin), and Gary Siperko (Guitar).

“No one was complacently going through the motions here – the arrangements and execution succeeded in making the material feel fresh, rather than beholden to the past.”
Ben Stas, Yardhawk, June 2016

“The assurances that Coed Jail! was something other than a mere greatest hits tour proved right on the money. Instead, the tour sheds contemporary light upon an era of enduring relevance, with Ubu conjuring a wild, utterly human sound.”
Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District, June 2016