pere-ubu-elitism-box ART
  • Elitism For The People 1975 - 1978
  • The Hearpen Singles
  • The Modern Dance
  • Dub Housing
  • Manhattan

Elitism For The People 1975 - 1978 ART

Pere Ubu
Elitism For The People
1975 - 1978

Released August 21 2015.
The limited edition is sold out.

Release Notes

'Manhattan' was recorded on cassette on February 15 1977 at Max's Kansas City, New York City.
"I called the record Manhattan, not because it was recorded at Max's Kansas City, but because New York was my nemesis city. I remember standing on stage thinking derisively, 'Here's what you people should be doing.' Max's represented New York for some of us - not CBGB's - because of the Velvets album. So it was like visiting Graceland."
David Thomas

Included is a copy of the 1977 poster for Datapanik '77 designed by Johnny Dromette.

Production Notes

For the 'The Modern Dance,' 'Dub Housing,' and 'The Hearpen Singles' releases, the following procedure was used. The analog 1/4" 2-track mix masters from 1975 to 1978 were digitally transferred by Paul Hamann at Suma at a 192khz / 24 bit resolution. The resultant digital files were mastered by Brian Pyle. The vinyl was cut by Pete Norman at Finyl Tweek in London, on a Neumann VMS80 lathe. David Thomas prepared the download audio files from the 192khz / 24 bit masters. For cd production, the digital files were output as an analog signal which was processed by the Sumex Brown Box converter, designed and built by Ken Hamann, to yield 44.1khz / 16 bit cd audio.

Release History

  • Fire Records FIRELP406 Aug 21 2015, 4 lp box set.

Press Reaction

"Their chemistry seeped into the post-punk water table but Pere Ubu still dance alone." Q Magazine, October 2015.

"Four decades on, it sounds as revolutionary as ever." The Independent 8/17/15.

"Channelling prosg ambition, punk attack and all the daring of Krautrock, Pere Ubu were extraordinary." Mojo, Sep 2015.

"Ultimately, Elitism for the People 1975-1978 functions as a veritable primer for not only those interested in the band, but also those looking to explore the possibilities of popular music." PopMatters, Sep 24 2015.

"Even a listener deeply familiar with these records--no, especially that listener--will enjoy a high reward for the outlay." Magnet, Sep 22 2015.

"Pere Ubu were using the tools of experimental music to essentially reinvent rock & roll from the ground up... Elitism For The People confirms two things, essentially: that Pere Ubu were possibly the most original band to emerge from the embers of America's punk scene and, more importantly, one of the best rock & roll bands to have ever spat out riffs, lyrics and noise. " Joseph Burnett, The Quietus

"In a nutshell, Pere Ubu is one of the very greatest of bands." Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District