390 Fire ART
  • 390º Of Simulated Stereo
  • Non-alignment Pact
  • Street Waves
  • Real World
  • My Dark Ages
  • Modern Dance
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Laughing
  • Can't Believe It
  • Over My Head
  • Sentimental Journey


Pere Ubu
390º Of Simulated Stereo

Released March 1981.

Fire Records FIRELP375 June 12 2021, yellow vinyl

Release Notes

In the lower right hand corner of the front cover of the 2021 release is a notation reading 'V.2C' and the album cover is yellow. For purposes of higher audio fidelity, Humor Me and 30 Seconds Over Tokyo were omitted from the vinyl but they are available as audio downloads - a card with the necessary code is included in the album package.
See The Bootleg Sound for David Thomas' enthusiasm for cassette tape sound.

This album is a favorite among many longtime fans for many of whom it was the first taste of Ubu. On the other hand, one purchaser complained, "This is the worst record ever released."

The original Rough Trade release suffered sonically because the album sides were too lengthy. Consequently, two songs were dropped from the Fire reissue, which is pressed on yellow vinyl with yellow cover art. The two songs omitted, Humor Me and 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, are available as free audio downloads - a code is provided on a postcard in the album package.

Production Notes

Tapes transcribed by Paul Hamann at Suma.
Artwork by David Thomas.
Photo by Mik Mellen.
2021 reissue mastered by Brian Pyle.

Nonalignment Pact, Heart of Darkness, and Laughing Pere Ubu v.2.0

Cassette copy recorded December 5 and 6 1978 by a 24-track mobile truck at the London College of Printing. Soundman was Paul Hamann.

Street Waves Pere Ubu v.2.0

Cassette copy recorded May 5 1978 by Radio Crocodile at Theatre 140, Brussels, Belgium.

Real World and My Dark Ages Pere Ubu v.2.0

Recorded Feb 18 1978 on a reel-to-reel tape machine at Disasto 2, WHK Auditorium, Cleveland. Soundman was Pat Ryan.

Modern Dance Pere Ubu v.2.0

Recorded Mar 2 1979 on a cassette recorder at the 1st International Garage Exhibition, Cleveland State University. The event was the origin of the "Avant Garage."

Can't Believe It, Over My Head and Sentimental Journey Pere Ubu v.1.1

Recorded April or May 1976 on a cassette recorder at The Mistake, Cleveland, Ohio.

Available as audio downloads:

Humor Me Pere Ubu v.2.0

Recorded Oct 14 1977 on one channel of a reel-to-reel tape machine at the Ubu rehearsal loft, West 6th Street, Cleveland OH. This is an early version of the song with largely mumbled phonetics for lyrics.

30 Seconds Over Tokyo Pere Ubu v.2.0

Recorded August 4 1977 on a reel-to-reel tape machine at The Pirate's Cove. Soundman was Pat Ryan.

Release History

  • Rough Trade Records
    • (UK) Rough 23 Mar 1981 vinyl lp.
    • (US) Rough US 10 Sep 1981 vinyl lp.
    • (Japan) Rough Trade / Japan Records RTL-7 1981 vinyl lp.
    • (Italy) Base Record 1981 vinyl lp (blue cover).
    • (UK) Rough CD 23 1989 cd.
    • (US) Rough US 10 1989 cd.
Rough Trade cover art