The Modern Dance In Surround Sound

Where did the idea to re-release 'The Modern Dance' in surround-sound come from?
Silverline wanted to do it. They came to us. They were fans.

How do you think 'the Modern Dance' will be perceived by younger music fans who are new to Pere Ubu?
No clue. We didn't fit in 1975 and we don't fit now. We are very consistent that way. We tend to attract people who also don't fit.

When you came to record 'The Modern Dance', did you have a clear idea of what tracks you wanted on the record?
Yeah, it was all we had.

How easy was the recording process? Were there any particular studio tensions, and if so how did you work though them?
It was all done in a week. As I remember the tracks previously released as singles were remixed for the album - Street Waves and Modern Dance. It was very easy because of our engineer Ken Hamann who had been working since the 40s, was Terry Knight's engineer for Grand Funk Railroad and other things, had a bunch of hits like Green Tambourine, Nobody But Me, Time Won't Let, Play That Funky Music White Boy, all the James Gang, etc. Ken had alot to do with our identity. He emphasized over and over that the only thing that mattered was the spirit, passion and vision of the music. We kept asking, is it right? Is it tight? Is it in tune? And all he would ever say was, "It feels great, what else matters? Why do you want to mess it up?"