June 20 2021 Agreement

Signed by Tony Maimone, Allen Ravenstine, Tom Herman, Mayo Thompson, Robert Wheeler, Michele Temple, Chris Cutler, the beneficiary of the Tim Wright and Peter Laughner estates, Graham Dowdall, Keith Moliné, Anton Fier, Eric Drew Feldman, Darryl Boon, Steve Mehlman and Dave Cintron. It embodies 'The Rules' of Ubu Projex as set out over the last 40 years.

An AGREEMENT between UBU PROJEX, Flat 1-B, 1 St Catherines Terrace, Hove BN3 2RR, England and both current and former MEMBERS OF THE MUSICAL GROUP PERE UBU, regarding Ubu Projex as the non-profit management company for Pere Ubu.

1. Ubu Projex is the sole custodian and sole proprietor of all Pere Ubu copyrights. It does not own the copyrights but it is the sole body empowered to enter into agreements and contracts involving Pere Ubu copyrights.

2. An individual band member owns his / her own share of any songwriting or studio work he / she may have generated. Copyright remains with the individual band member but his / her copyright in the Pere Ubu work may not be assigned by the individual. Only Ubu Projex may assign Pere Ubu copyrights. On receipt of a letter from a legal executor, Ubu Projex will direct payouts to designated heirs.

3. Officers in Ubu Projex have no ownership of Ubu Projex. No officer is to receive any payment as an officer, other than his / her personal share of album recordings, songwriting and touring. Currently, David Thomas is the sole officer in Ubu Projex.

4. Only members of the current Pere Ubu band may be officers in Ubu Projex. If an officer quits the band or is fired, he / she ceases to be an officer in that moment.

5. All images of the band and artwork may be used or distributed by Ubu Projex for promotional purposes.

6. Abuse directed against Pere Ubu, Ubu Projex, Management, or any past or current member of the band will render that individual persona non grata. Royalties will continue to be paid out but any other privileges will end.