Current Make-up of Pere Ubu

David Thomas (since 1975) - Founded the group after his previous band, Rocket From The Tombs, disintegrated.

Michele Temple (since 1993) - Joined Pere Ubu v.7.0 as the band was preparing demos for what would become Raygun Suitcase. She was the guitarist in her own band, The Vivians, and played with Scott Krauss and Jim Jones in Home & Garden.

Robert Wheeler (since 1994) - Joined Pere Ubu v.7.2. He played in Home & Garden with Michele Temple, Scott Krauss, Jim Jones and Tony Maimone.

Steve Mehlman (since 1995) - Joined Pere Ubu v.8.0. He played with Michele in The Vivians.

Keith Moliné (since 2002) - Joined Pere Ubu v.8.6. He played in David Thomas and two pale boys since 1994.

Gagarin (since 2007) - Joined Pere Ubu v.9.2. He was the soundman for Pere Ubu and David Thomas for many years.

Darryl Boon (since 2013) - Joined Pere Ubu v.9.5.

Associate Members
Andy Diagram (since 1999) - Joined Pere Ubu v.8.4. He played in David Thomas and two pale boys since 1996.

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