Fan Input in re ST ARKANSAS

We enjoyed your choice of V-M the Voice of Music equipment for your new centerfold! It was built by hard working people who really enjoyed what they were doing and it has earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and serviceability! As the jingle goes - The Voice of Music - is the Choice for Music! -- Gary Stork

A few months on, St Ark is not getting much of a break from my record player. It's hard to explain to people why it's so good - maybe I don't care to sully the listening experience with explanations. I can manage this much: it's a great record. -- Sam Worrad

Not that you need this info, but sitting here in the new Arkansas tshirt and listening to Montana just prompts a great big thank you that has to be let out. Uhh, thank you. -- Adrian Burns

I got my copy of St. Arkansas yesterday. Congratulations! It is absolutely excellent. Of course, all the reviews I've read have said the same, and they're absolutely right. I have every David Thomas and Pere Ubu album ever released, and while I think they're all consistelntly great, this one ranks with the classical early albums in my humble opinion. I already look forward to playing it again this evening. (Now, my only wish is that you'd do some work with Kathleen Yearwood. That - I think - would be an interesting collaborator for you! Just my 2 cents.)--Strømsvåg Arild

Finally got my copy of St. Arkansas in my mailbox, thanks, not for sending it, but for all the contents that you and the others labored over. Pennsylvania was the record I never thought I'd hear, a difficult work to beat, and I sincerely believe you guys did. Lately, going back to my roots [again] I've been rediscovering The Kinks, and heaven knows why, I think St. Arkansas fits perfectly in there somewhere. Somewhere I read a write-up depicting a very dark piece. Not sure. Not darker than D.T. and Foreigners I don't think [although Dark has a frightening line]. Think it to be what Raygun wanted to be but ain't. It feels nice, very good band sound [Michelle, Tom and Jim].-- Ritchard Rodriguez

Congratulations on St. Arkansas! I find it impossible to be neutral about this album. Even the sound production is exciting-- this defines the sonic qualities of surfing-the-moment. This is one of those works that feel completely organic, like it's always been there and recently found by the side of the road. This is relevant and important and rare in contemporary music. Thanks for being there.-- Craig Tyron

I believe this album is one of your great ones - absolutely brilliant in general with excellent song writing. I love the ensemble playing of the rhythm section. I've listened to the album twice just to focus on the drums - outstanding playing.-- Howard Airhart

St Arkansas continues to unfold and reveal itself to me. And yet it's disarmingly simple with that bounciness I associate with earlier Ubu incarnations. It's near-perfect as a thing in itself and absolutely perfect as an addition to an already epic catalog. Thank you for delivering the goods yet again. The work of Pere Ubu / DT has made a home in my brain and its difficult to describe that (as well as somewhat boorish), suffice to say, and dont take this the wrong way, Pere Ubu makes me proud to call myself American. --Sean Shopes

After all of the anticipation, I was happy to be able to pick up a copy of ST ARKANSAS at the Record Den in Mentor on release day. (I spend many work days in Ohio). I'm even happier to report that the album is living up to all expectations. Its sonic pleasures get more and more engaging with more and more listenings. Not-so-young-son Hank has been enjoying it too. -- Daniel Alward.

I have to thank you and the band for the new album. Very difficult to tell you in english what I feel listening to it (I don't even have the words in french!!!) At the same time, it's familiar and so new ... I like the bass/drums sound a lot ... It made me want to listen to Pensylvania again. -- Philippe Mury

Yesterday I was heading home via the roads that follow French Creek. At Meadville I popped Pere Ubu's Pennsylvania in the CD player when US Highway 322 came into view. I've always wanted to meet that road with "Woolie Bullie" in the air! But I didn't write just to tell you that. As part of the grand anticipation of the coming of Saint Arkansas, I've been noticing Moose Lodge 2505 more than normal. Last week I noticed that May 18 was Reuben Sandwich Day and that the cinder blocks are no longer bare. Perhaps the building's new landmark status due to its starring role in "Slow Walking Daddy" prompted the paint job! The block walls were still bare only a few weeks ago. I took a picture of the updated Moose Lodge 2505 yesterday while on that ride down 322. It's for you. It's a Saint Arkansas Day gift.-- Daniel Alward


After fourteen of my thirty years spent listening to Ubu/DT, the amazing slinking, chunking, rattling, driving St Arkansas makes me want to throw out all other(so-called alternative etc whatever)music. But I already did that some time ago, so I can't. DT is a seemingly infinite benchmark of ongoing creativity and worth. I salute you sir.-- Kevin McHale

Bought ST Arkansas on 15 May in Birmingham(UK). Brilliantly spooky. It won't let anything else into my CD player. Who'd have guessed there was a ghost road between Ubu's Pennsylvania and DT/2PB's Surf's Up.-- Adrian

Truly, of the dark. Wonderful.-- Lance Boanas

I just received my copy of "St. Arkansas." As a English student I can't think of any big words to explain my liking of it (all words have become repetitious). I just wanted write to tell you that I like it alot. I love the way that Pere Ubu never repeats its formula, yet it's Pere Ubu. Seems since "Story of My LIfe" Ubu just gets better and better everytime. I don't know what happened during "Worlds In Collision." I've tried to re-listen and re-listen, each time with a different ear but something seems to be lacking every time. My only disappointment while listening to "St. Arkansas" is the question of how long it will be until the next Ubu album arrives, but each album is well worth the wait, except for the fact that I will be older each time another album comes out. Yet the waiting factor keeps me young. I feel like I did once long ago while waiting for the next series of Wacky Packages to come out (eventually I lost all of my Wacky Packages in the bus on the way to's a sad story). Anyways I just wrote to compliment the newest album...that's all. I hope I never get too old not to wait anymore. -- F.M. Moses