Living Room Concerts

David Thomas in concert in your living room!


David Thomas will appear in solo concert with his melodeon and synthesizer in your living room.

These are the terms:

A contract with full terms and conditions will be completed. This offer is intended for the territories of the USA and England but may be extended based on supplemental costs where applicable. Available dates are conditional. Acceptance of offer is conditional.

Email with desired date(s) and any other enquiries.

The idea of the Living Room Concert (LRC) is not to do a low key substitute for a commercial show. We have agents who could arrange such things if that's what we wanted. An LRC operates to an entirely different paradigm. It is folk culture and amateurish. Whether it is David Thomas alone or Pere Ubu or any other associated group, what happens is that we show up at your house or loft or gallery, pile up whatever equipment we have on hand and we do a show. It is not meant to be polished or professional. Before and after the show we simply hang out with the host and his/her guests. Often there's food and drink and we pass the time as one would at any social gathering. The logistics are set up with this in mind. Payment is arranged beforehand so there is no commercial framework to the evening. The host is responsible for payment because it is his/her space and attendees are often strangers invited into his/her house. The host is in control. We don't care how the host arranges the finances - a donation, a set price, whatever. It has nothing to do with us and we do not want to be involved. We set a limit on the number of people who can be invited so that it does not become a commercial venture and so that it does not get out of hand. We do not sit there and headcount. The price is moderately high but it is a special evening and, divided among 40 or so people, it doesn't amount to a painful expenditure. It is meant to be a social gathering, a party. But it's not our party! We do not become involved beyond showing up at an agreed address at an agreed time and doing a show.

LRC001: Duane Capizzi & Linnea Hemenez, Los Angeles, 4/16/11. "A unique evening we won't forget."
LRC002: Dan Carbone, Oakland, 4/15/11. "You were terrific to work with."
LRC003: Pierre & Lisa Gonzalez, Los Angeles, 4/17/11. "Fantastic, magical time."
LRC004: Scott & Steph Cameron, Toronto, 11/5/11. "Incredibly real, powerful, and raw. Everyone was deeply moved."
LRC005: Chris Butterfield, Detroit, 11/6/11. "An overwhelming success, people are still talking."
LRC006: Todd Pullen, Atlanta, 11/12/11.
LRC007: Lee Shook, Birmingham AL, 11/13/11. "Incredible event, a lifelong dream."
LRC008: Tomas Bach, Sirevåg, Norway, 4/27/13
LRC009: Alexandre Horn, Troyes (F), 10/31/13. A Pere Ubu LRC.
LRC010: Tyler Rentz, Farmington UT, 12/10/13.
LRC011: Shirley Forster, Los Angeles, 12/20/13.

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