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The Story of Hearpen Records

David Thomas made Hearpen Records in 1975 to put out Pere Ubu records. The name derives from an anglo-saxon word for harp. The "p" is a transliteration of the Anglo-Saxon thorn, a character that was pronounced th. HEARTHAN (pronounced hay-are-than, rhymes with van) gradually gave way to HEARPEN (pronounced hay-are-pen) as the label's name. The logo got designed on a day it was HEARTHAN. A rule evolved that written the name is "Hearpen" while integrated into a design it becomes "Hearthan." Hearpen is the favored pronunciation in all cases. Confusion was the foundation on which our business grew.

On December 11 2007 hearpen.com went online. It is a web site dedicated to sales of high quality audio downloads from Pere Ubu, David Thomas, Rocket From The Tombs, 15-60-75 and related bands. There are too many releases to list here. Only hard goods releases are listed below.

The Hearpen Records Catalog

HR 101 30 Seconds Over Tokyo b/w Heart of Darkness, Pere Ubu, 1975.
HR 102 Final Solution b/w Cloud 149, Pere Ubu, 1976.
HR 103 Street Waves b/w My Dark Ages, Pere Ubu, 1976.
HR 104 The Modern Dance b/w Heaven, Pere Ubu, 1977.
HR 105 Shirley b/w She Smiled Wild, Mirrors, 1977.
Side 1, written by Crook-Klimek, recorded at Owl Studio, June 1975 by Jaime Klimek, Paul Marotta, Jim Crook, Michael Weldon and Jim Jones. Side 2, written by Klimek, recorded in the basement, August 1975 by Klimek, Crook, Weldon and Jones. Songs copyrighted Mirror Music. Sleeve photos by Joyce Faust and Jill Marotta. Sleeve design by Michael Weldon.
HR 106 Jeffrey I Hear U (5:44) b/w The Elephant Man (5:58), The Girls, 1979
Produced by David Thomas. Recorded at Suma, February 10 1979. Engineered by Ken and Paul Hamann. Songs written by Dagley-Hild-Amos-Condo and copyright Holy Shroud. Sleeve design by Jim Harkey, Mark Dagley and Daved Hild. Pressed at 33 1/3 rpm.
HR 107 You're Gonna Miss Me b/w Hand Piece, Pressler-Morgan, 1979.
HR 108 Here In The Life (3:36) b/w (It's In) Imagination (4:41), 15-60-75, 1979.
Produced by David Thomas.
HR 109 Allocated to the T/K box set reissue of the Pere Ubu 45s.
HR 110 Monster, David Thomas, 1997. (box set)
HR 111 Bay City, David Thomas and foreigners, 2000
HR 112 Jimmy Bell's Still In Town, 15-60-75, 2000.
HR 113 The Shape of Things, Pere Ubu, 2000.
HR 114 Surf's Up!, David Thomas and two pale boys, 2001.
HR 115 The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs, Rocket From The Tombs, 2002.
HR 116 Rocket Redux, Rocket From The Tombs, 2004.
HR 117 'One Man Drives While The Other Man Screams,' Pere Ubu, 2004.
HR 118 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest, David Thomas and two pale boys, 2004.
HR 119 Why I Hate Women, Pere Ubu, 2006.
HR 120 Why I Remix Women, Pere Ubu, 2006.
HR 143 The Inward City, 15-60-75, 2009. Produced by David Thomas.

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