David Thomas Photo Downloads

David and Clyde
David and Clyde ('Irene' video)
Photo credit: Communex
1800x1900 pixels
JPG file, zipped. 4.9MB
Wave pic
The Wave
Photo credit: Simon Fowler.
300 dpi jpeg. 2.5MB, zipped.
Chairman Dave pic
Chairman David
300 dpi jpeg. 660K, zipped.
Red Apron pic
Red Apron
Photo credit: Simon Fowler.
300 dpi jpeg. 2.9MB, zipped.
DT outside the bunker
Outside the Bunker
Photo credit: Alexandre Horn.
Jpg, 3.5MB zipped.
Blasted Dawn pic
Blasted Dawn
Photo credit: Fin Costello
300 dpi jpeg. 1.4MB, zipped.
Hamilton pic
Book of Hieroglyphs
Photo credit: Robert Allen
686 dpi jpeg. 27MB, zipped.
DT in porkpie hat
David in porkpie hat
Photo credit: Communex.
JPG. 980 x 1500 pixels.
DT as red tin bus
Red Tin Bus
Painting by Clive Norman.
Courtesy of Tim Pickard.
150 dpi jpeg. 484K, zipped.
BOH Jacket pic
Book of Hieroglyphs
Book Jacket
Jpeg. 778KB, zipped.

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