Cloudland Cover Cloudland
Produced by Stephen Hague, Paul Hamann and Pere Ubu.
Executive producer: Dave Bates.

Fire Records
2018 remastered cd / vinyl.
Greg Kot, Chicago Sun Times, 1989
The industrial-strength equivalent of a class Beach Boys album from musicians more familiar with factories than surf... Cloudland is one of the best albums of 1989.

Steve Simels, Stereo Review, 1989
The band's songwriting remains unsettling - a goulash of mutated soul riffs, skewed country licks, mysterious examinations of relationships in trouble... This is pop/rock, but it's a funhouse mirror kind of pop/rock - the kind that results from knowing far too much about far too many things and having the chops to express it.

Richard Gehr, Village Voice, 6/6/89
Ubu manipulates these parameters like a found concept, tooling mainstream production into something eccentric and fresh.

Robert Christgau, Village Voice, 6/27/89
No private visions of decaying cityscapes, just equally obscure (and evocative) love songs, down on their knees to rhyme with please. A-minus.

Ira Robbins, Rolling Stone, 7/13/89
An immediately likeable and frequently delightful work, also offers its share of uneasy listening and is ultimately as subversive as any Ubu effort. State of the art Ubu.
  1. Breath (3:57)
  2. Race The Sun (3:16)
  3. Cry (2:31)
  4. Why Go It Alone? (2:48)
  5. Waiting For Mary (3:22)
  6. Ice Cream Truck (2:48)
  7. Bus Called Happiness (2:48)
  8. Love Love Love (3:19)
  9. Lost Nation Road (2:16)
  10. Nevada! (3:19)
  11. The Wire (3:19)
  12. Flat (2:20)
  13. The Waltz (3:26)
  14. Pushin (2:28)
  15. Monday Night (2:13)
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2018 Fire remaster
The album was remastered and edited in 2017 by Paul Hamann and David Thomas.

Director's Cut 2007:
The album was originally mixed by Paul Hamann at Paisley Park Studios, Minneapolis MN. Subsequently four tracks were re-recorded in London and the others remixed for the 1989 Fontana release. This reissue substitutes in the running order the following Paisley Park mixes by Paul Hamann: Monday Night, Lost Nation Road, Nevada!, The Wire, The Waltz, and Pushin. Five extras have been added: the UK b-sides Wine Dark Sparks and Bang The Drum, the Paisley Park mix of Breath (never previously released), Bus Called Happiness recorded live in the studio for the John Peel Show (never previously released), and a dance remix of Love Love Love. The packaging has been updated by John Thompson and added are extensive liner notes specific to the album by David Stubbs.

Breath, Race The Sun, Waiting For Mary and Bus Called Happiness were produced by Stephen Hague. Recorded at Advision Studios, London, in October 1988 and January 1989. Engineered by Dave Meegan. Mastered by David Thomas in January 2007.

All other songs were engineered by Paul Hamann and recorded between June and September 1988 at Suma, except Wine Dark Sparks and Bang The Drum which were recorded January 28 to February 1 1989 at Suma, engineered by Paul Hamann and produced by Pere Ubu, and Bus Called Happiness (live) which was recorded live in the studio for BBC Radio on June 27 1989 at Eden Sound, London, engineered by Mike Engles and produced by Dale Griffin.

Monday Night, Lost Nation Road, Nevada!, The Wire, The Waltz, Pushin, and Breath (alt mix) were mixed by Paul Hamann at Paisley Park, Minneapolis MN in September 1988. Mastered by Paul Hamann and David Thomas at Suma in January 2007.

Fire, Flat, Ice Cream Truck, and Cry were mixed by Dave Meegan at Advision, London, between January and February 1989. Mastered by David Thomas in January 2007.

Love Love Love and Why Go It Alone? were mixed by Daniel Miller and Rico Conning at Konk Studios, London, in January 1989. Mastered by David Thomas in January 2007.

Love Love Love (Cajun House Mix) was remixed by The Groove Corporation.

All songs written by Cutler - Jones - Krauss - Maimone - Ravenstine - Thomas, except Love Love Love, written by Herman - Krauss - Laughner - Taylor - Thomas - Wright, and Bang The Drum, written by Feldman - Jones - Krauss - Thomas.

All songs ©1989 Ubu Projex, administered by Bug Music, except Love Love Love which is ©1975 EMI Music in the Rest of World and Bug Music in North America.

Design by John Thompson/idrome.
Photos by John Thompson and Kathy Ward.
Liner notes by David Stubbs.
Original release in May 1989 as Fontana 838237.
Thanks to Nick Hobbs.

Extras on Mercury Re-issue:
Breath. Never previously released.

Wine Dark Sparks. Originally released in March 1989 in the UK as b-side to Waiting For Mary on 7" vinyl, Fontana UBU2 (872 938-7), and as an extra track on the cd single release of Waiting For Mary, Fontana UBUCD2 (872 939-2).

Bang The Drum. Originally released in 1989 in the UK on 7" vinyl as the b-side to Breath, Fontana UBU4 (874 984-7) and as an extra track on the 12" vinyl release of Breath, Fontana UBU412 (874 985-1).

Bus Called Happiness (live). Never previously released. Recorded for the John Peel Show. Pere Ubu for this session is David Thomas, Jm Jones, Eric Feldman, Tony Maimone, Chris Cutler and Scott Krauss.

Love Love Love (Cajun House Mix). Originally released in 1989 in the UK as an a-side on 12" vinyl, Fontana UBU312 (874 469-1), and as a cd single, Fontana UBUCD33 (874 533-2). Also released on 12" vinyl for DJs, Fontana LLLMX1.

Pere Ubu (v.5.0):
David Thomas - vocals
Jim Jones - guitar, backing vocals
Allen Ravenstine - EML synthesizers, backing vocals
Tony Maimone - bass, backing vocals
Chris Cutler - drums
Scott Krauss - drums
Stephen Hague played keyboards.

  • Release History
  • Fontana Records 838 237 May 1989 lp, cd, mc.
    Mercury Records 9846415 Director's Cut, April 16 2007 cd.

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