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FRONT OF THE ALBUM Blame The Messenger
David Thomas and wooden birds

Produced by Chris Cutler.

Released January 1987.

Available as a high quality audio download from the Ubutique / Hearpen Music Audio Downloads Page or the Hearpen Music eJunkie Shop. Lyrics are embedded.
  1. My Town (3:07)
  2. A Fact About Trains (4:24)
  3. King Knüt (5:27)
  4. When Love Is Uneven (3:27)
  5. The Storm Breaks (3:34)
  6. The Long Rain (4:11)
  7. Having Time (4:53)
  8. Friends of Stone (3:18)
  9. The Velikovsky 2-Step (6:50)

Links and Background:
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Recorded in 1986 over two days at Suma, the idea was to use the same principles that went into 'Monster Walks...' but with an electric band. It is the project that led to the return of Pere Ubu. In a way, 'Blame The Messenger' can be seen as part of the Ubu canon.

Production Notes:
Produced by Chris Cutler.
Recorded by Paul Hamann at Suma on September 22(?), 23 and 24, 1986. Original release edited by Paul Hamann and Roz Ilett at Telarc, Cleveland OH, mastered at Suma by Mike Bishop and cut by Denis Blackham at Tape One, London. Digitally transferred and eq'ed by David Thomas and Paul Hamann at Suma, October 1996.
Photos by Mik Mellen.
Design by John Thompson.

Original Title: The Way lt Was The Way Before

David Thomas vocals, melodeon
Jim Jones guitar, backing vocals
Allen Ravenstine EML synthesizers, piano, backing vocals
Tony Maimone bass, backing vocals
Chris Cutler drums

My Town and Friends of Stone written by Thomas, ©1987 Hearpen Music. A Fact About Trains, King Knüt, When Love Is Uneven, The Storm Breaks, The Long Rain, Havin Time and The Velikovsky 2-Step written by Thomas - Jones - Ravenstine - Maimone - Cutler ©1987 Hearpen Music/Arcades Music.

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